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The story behind each grain: How an engaging brand story put a rice company on the map.


The story of one family in Mer Rouge Louisiana that’s been growing, processing, and selling rice for generations. The Kennedy’s, father Elton Kennedy, and his four daughters Meryl, Patchez, Felicity, and Chantel saw their dad taking care of the family business. It wasn’t long when their father retired that they sisters came together to start a new chapter in their family business. That’s when we at RDLB Agency got the call to come on down to the farm and learn more about their situation.

At first, they were only interested in the products and services that we can offer their company KenChaux. Founded by their father and his partners, KenChaux, the name was created from the combination of the family's last names. It was this business and brand that the sisters inherited from their father, but it was not the brand that would lead them into the future of their market space. While we could have offered the sisters a variety of products and services that could have pushed the message of KenChow further in their B2B space, we decided to be brutally honest. They needed a new brand identity. Something that both honored the past and legacy of the company, while really expressing and describing the essence of what the company was today.

Brand Consulting Agency

Brand Workshop:

After meetings where we got to understand their company’s potential opportunities, we knew what the right path forward was for the sisters. We came up with their new brand, 4sisters...and a farm in Louisiana. A fun, memorable, and true brand identity of their business, with an authentic story to match. We developed a brand book as well as a host of products like an animated cartoon video detailing the brand story, a mockup website, posts, and pitches to give them a taste of their new identity.

4Sisters Rice Social Media

Fortunately, the sisters needed to present their rice brand to Walmart sales representatives, and we insisted they show them the two brands to see what they would prefer.


response “4sisters

is a must.”


From that moment on, we’ve gone on to implement their new brand in full swing. We made sure to reinforce the home made, craftsmanship, and care that goes into each grain of rice in our communications, while supporting their efforts to be a nationally recognized brand in every home. By utilizing more rustic and earth fonts and tones and creating practical and useful content for families.

4Sisters-Doing the Rice Thing Right-10.png

We’ve even gone on to make a new content series with Patchez, one of the sisters to offer delicious and practical recipes to make with 4sisters rice. Similarly, since the rice is grown in the United States by a fully women run company, we made sure to proudly show those those attributes in our webpage and communication streams.


The Results:


The results of these efforts lead to the sisters being in more than 7,000 grocery store chains across the nation, with new engagement in both direct to consumer and B2B sales.


In every city that they moved into, we followed with content and campaigns to make sure their expansion went as successful and lucrative as possible. Analyzing potential areas of growth, market insight, and potential. That’s when we began to look internally as to how we can activate the loyal consumer base to further incorporate rice within their diet. The 4sisters, were also four active and busy mothers, a balancing act that most women experience in their lives. A balancing act of trying to prioritize your child’s health, taste, and your own time. Many mothers won’t admit but they opt out to fast cooking recipes like Mac and Cheese, a meal that’s fast, delicious, but extremely unhealthy.

4SisterAsset 7rrss.png

Line Extension:

This insight gave way to the new line extension of the 4sisters: KidsFavs. Delicious, diverse, instant cook rice meals, specially made for kids to enjoy. With every new flavor comes a new character that the kids can learn about, play with, and look forward to seeing on the grocery aisle shelves.


From Cheesy white rice to Chelsea Cheese a fast-paced city girl with far too much on her mind to deal with whacky adventures, or Chicken Bob a cowboy straight from the wild west in your hands. With scannable QR codes to take the kids straight from the package to play time or story time, we are supporting the sisters into a new field by innovating and engaging their base.


Together with the 4sisters, RDLB Agency was able to bring a new brand to life, with a whole line extension to boot. In every piece of communication and contact point we emphasized their mission, to take one small grain of rice and make a big difference in the world. We’re making a huge impact across grocery stores and family homes in the US and soon beyond!

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