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The RDLB Brand Workshop offers a comprehensive revitalizing and reinforcing program for your brand. Through a proprietary process of research, strategy, and creativity, we unleash your brand’s full potential.

Final Benefits


Week 1-2

Research & Investigation

Our initial step involves detailed interviews with key personnel within your organization and relevant external figures. This helps us understand your business complexities, unique selling propositions, and the challenges you face. Ensuring that our strategies are grounded in reality and tailored to your specific needs.

We then engage in an extensive investigation into your company's current situation, its standing in the industry, the competitive landscape, and brand touch-points. This thorough research serves as the groundwork for all subsequent strategies.

Week 3


After digesting information that we discovered in the first two weeks, we begin the process of uniting our strategy with creativity to formulate the proposal. With our experience we develop an action plan that outlines clear steps for a structured and coherent approach to your brand revitalization.

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Week 4


At the end of the brand workshop, we provide a detailed brand proposal. This essential document encapsulates all the components necessary for the effective implementation or launch of your brand and communication strategies.

“...grounded in research, driven by strategy, and culminating in a comprehensive plan for sustained brand excellence.”

The RDLB Agency Brand Workshop is a journey for your brand, grounded in research, driven by strategy, and culminating in a comprehensive plan for sustained brand excellence. 

Let’s ignite the full potential of your brand. Making your message bold, clear, and unique.

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