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The Von Restorff effect, commonly known as the isolation effect, is one of the simplest and also most impactful design principles used in marketing today. 

In a world of noise brands need to be remarkable, unique, different. 

In this Learn the Game video capsule we cover the history of that effect as well as how brands like burger king ask customers the important question… Would you sacrifice your friends for a free whopper?

"The Von Restorff Effect"

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Genuine PurposeRDLB
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Rubber Hits RoadRDLB
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How much do you know about brand mascots? Better yet, do they even matter today? Well, although brands have been gearing away from mascot branding in general, we still find that children, families and young adults can all be heavily impacted by the appearance of a sincere mascot at the right moment. Check out our new Learn the Game video to find out why!

"Brands & Mascots"

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The Modern DilemmaRDLB
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Social Media Role in WarRDLB
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