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Building the Exceptional through Empowerment

Brand Consulting Agency


Moss Construction, a family company founded by Bob Moss and his sons Scott and Chad, had established a reputation for delivering exceptional projects and working with the most talented individuals in the construction industry.

RDLB Agency's collaboration with Moss began with a discussion on implementing a new tool to preserve and reinforce the company culture, as well as highlight the achievements of the team. We quickly recognized the need to showcase Moss’s impact externally, promote internal dialogue, and give greater recognition to the people behind their remarkable buildings.

The Challenge:


The challenge for Moss Construction was two fold. Firstly, they needed to increase external awareness of their exceptional work, as their reputation was not widely known outside the industry. Secondly, there was a lack of internal dialogue and recognition for the team members who contributed to the company's success. Our task was to develop a campaign that would proudly showcase Moss’s impact in cities, empower the construction workers, and highlight the collective achievements of the team.

The Result:


We developed the "Yes, we built this!" campaign, featuring photos of Moss construction workers displayed on flyers and project sites. This initiative proudly showcased Moss’s impact in cities, while empowering the workers who were instrumental in creating the exceptional projects. 


To further recognize the team and their contributions, we created the "Faces of Moss" video series. These interviews highlighted the everyday heroes at Moss who turned their projects into a reality. By emphasizing the value of teamwork and the collective effort behind their success, Moss reinforced their company culture and celebrated their team members.

Yes,WeBuiltThis! Moss Campaign
MossAsset 5web_edited.png
Faces of Moss Series



We successfully raised awareness of their mission and the everyday heroes who make their projects possible. The "Yes, we built this!" campaign and "Faces of Moss" video series amplified Moss’s brand externally and internally, giving well-deserved recognition to their team. As a compassionate company with talented individuals, Moss empowered us to understand the true meaning of teamwork.


Recently, the vision leadership team decided to develop their “Just Cause” their reason for existing in the infinite game as described in Simon Sinek’s book “The Infinite Game.” As their in-house agency and as avid Sinek readers, we got to work with their new “Improving Lives, Building the Future” campaign. A Just Cause the agency developed to remind both internally and externally the final benefit the company produces, that is improving the lives of the communities in which they work in and likewise building the future of these communities and the nation. Since the campaign is still underway, we look forward to sharing more communication pieces and points of contact that we undertake with their now solidified Just Cause.


Our partnership with Moss Construction not only helped them empower their people in achieving their goals but also inspired us to create and design the exceptional for ourselves and others. Through this shared journey, RDLB Agency has learned valuable lessons from Moss’s dedication to their team and the impact of recognizing and celebrating the collective achievements of their exceptional projects.

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