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A Homegrown


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4 Sisters
Case Story

To get to know the story behind the 4sisters brand, we have to take it all back to a grain of rice picked from their father, Elton Kennedy. He started a rice company selling B2B, to companies like Kellogg and soon found that grain traveling to shops across the nation in some of the world's biggest retail stores like Walmart. Elton made the best rice, but even better than rice, he brought four young girls to this world. Patchez, Meryl, Felicity, and Chantel. These four sisters looked to their dads' company with nothing but respect and a shared sense of great responsibility for what he created.

Brand Consulting Agency

Our story with the sisters starts a little while later. When Meryl and the sisters began running the family business, they wanted to create their own brand of rice, but before they did that, Meryl made smart moves, she went to Harvard and she became part of YPO, where she met many talented leaders from around the world. One of them was Ricardo De La Blanca, our CEO. Meryl contacted Ricardo as she was looking to begin promoting and marketing to the consumer. However, as soon as Ricardo viewed the brand and the company's possibilities, he suggested something better for the sisters.


We did a deep evaluation of their actual brand in which they came to the conclusion that before any promotion was done, the Kennedys needed to rethink the brand. The rice that 4sisters used to make was packaged and labeled as KenChaux, a combination of the two original partners' last names,

but this name didn't reflect their story or who they were. Their brand, packaging, and marketing didn't reflect their proud American heritage, the quality, the benefits of their homegrown rice, or the sisters. It was time for a rebrand!


We went through a brand workshop where it was all about getting to know who they really were, what they believed in, and where their competitive edge lies. We also analyzed and evaluated the industry as a whole and their competitors. Since we knew that there was a need for rebranding and marketing themselves to display their American roots we decided to change the name from Kenchaux to 4sisters so that the name can reflect the real identity of their company.

When 4 sisters presented their rebrand to Walmart representatives as a market test, the response proved phenomenal. 

From then on, we became more than just their Agency of Record, but their communication partner. Creating packaging, website design, social media campaigns, a cooking show hosted by Patchez, and videos showing the men and women that work at 4sisters rice and much much more. The primary mission of this rebrand was to give back to their consumers and show them the story behind the grain. Through this process, we've been able to see just how much a rebrand can impact a company's identity. Now when people are going through their grocery isles or looking to buy rice online, they know the history behind every grain. They show to the world and their customers their fathers' lifelong mission and their promise when he retired.


"To take a little grain and every day make a difference in the world." 

The primary mission of this rebrand was to give back to their consumers and show them the story behind the grain.

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