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The evolution
of  Television


Case Story


One of the most changing industries at this moment in television. With so many challenges for the media’s space and the invention of countless new ways of communicating at mass, television has had to change its direction and identity. However, in EVTV, we see the industry’s opportunity and the importance of identity in a brand over the company’s function.

Brand Consulting Agency

EVTV is for Venezuelans around the world. Venezuela is a country with immigrants in every corner of the earth, the largest group in Miami.

As it has come to be known, the Venezuelan diaspora is a market that was largely untapped until EVTV entered, giving Venezuelans in any part of the world a sense of home and heritage and the ability to stay informed. More than a television channel, they are a part of a culture, yet they were not and are not saved from their industry changes. As social media and the internet shadow television, TV companies have needed to adapt these new mediums yet use them to keep the content and information that makes them unique.

What we managed to accomplish with EVTV was the evolution of the direction and face of their brand and reinforce their identity to make their company relevant and necessary in the future. Venezuelans may not always need television, but they always need a place to feel Venezuelan, know what’s happening at home, and feel at home and feel at home.

We at RDLB are primarily made up of Venezuelan immigrants, so we have been able to understand the mission and purpose of EVTV personally and have worked closely with the owner, Carlos Mendez, to develop a brand in focus with their heritage.

One of the critical factors that made our project a success was the openness and willingness to change and listen to new ideas from the directors and the owner of EVTV. Throughout this process, we’ve been able to work as partners for their company’s mission, and because of it, we’ve reinforced and renewed their brand in every corner of their company. Our work together wasn’t about making them more competitive in the short run or more desirable to watch and enjoy, but about creating a whole experience for their audience and making that experience the most enjoyable for them.

To evolve their mediums and expand to new ones, making an environment for their viewers to receive an a la carte service of all things Venezolano! 


From our joint work, we have seen how important it is to understand your own company’s identity and audience and move away from what you do but what you give. What your viewers or customers feel when they consume your product and what they yearn for after. The identity of EVTV will provide it with a home in Venezuelan’s TV sets for the future to come, but more importantly, it will be remembered in those viewers that EVTV means home.


We continue to work closely with EVTV with any of their needs to communicate and market, as they have become as much family to us as they are home.

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From our joint work, we have seen how important it is to understand your own company’s identity and audience and move away from what you do but what you give.

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