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MOSS construction is a family company that started in 2004 by Bob Moss alongside his two sons Scott and Chad. After Bob left his corporate job in a high-level construction company, he wanted to base a company on people and giving the best people the ability to create the exceptional. MOSS construction soon found itself hiring and working with some of the most talented people in the construction industry. As their team grew through the years, they have been recreating cities and delivering exceptional projects to their clients.

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Our story with MOSS began in a meeting with Scott where we were discussing how to implement a new tool to help MOSS preserve and reinforce its company culture and give more representation to its people. We realized from listening to MOSS and learning more about their story and their competitive edge that there are tons of opportunities! MOSS has been creating some of the most remarkable buildings in several states; however, very few people externally knew about it, and there was no internal dialogue or spotlighting of the team and their achievements.


What followed was creating the “Yes, we built this!” campaign: where we took photos of the MOSS construction workers and put them up on flyers and project sights with the statement of “Yes, we built this!” To proudly display MOSS’s impact in cities and to empower the workers that truly built the exceptional.

We also touched up the slogan of MOSS with a minor but impactful change, when before they were “creating the exceptional,” now they would be “building the exceptional,” a word that is more appealing for the industry

their in.

When looking into how to best show off and praise the MOSS workers and team, we came up with the “Faces of MOSS” series. A video series of interviews with the team and everyday heroes at MOSS who make each of their projects a possibility. That is what MOSS was founded on. Scott and his dad knew that they weren’t the only people responsible for all the success of the company; it was the team and the value on the team that changed the conventional models and upends the status quo.

Through our shared works and our long relationship, we have raised awareness for MOSS’s mission and the everyday heroes that have made it possible. To amplify their brand and culture externally and internally, and in that process, we at RDLB have learned from one of the most compassionate companies and some of the most talented people what teamwork really means.


Helping them empower their people in achieving their goals has empowered us to create and design the exceptional for ourselves and others.

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we at RDLB have learned
from one of the most compassionate companies and some of the most talented people what teamwork
really means.

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