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Banking right now might seem commonplace and straightforward to set up; in the United States, especially, we have secure and institutional banks that are readily available to join. However, much of the world, particularly Latin America, does not have access to a safe and helpful bank. Therefore, creating a bank or joining one from Latin America is nearly impossible for most entrepreneurs and businesses that seek to at last join a secure and institutional bank. Nodus’ mission is banking for all. Through the growth and adaptation of the internet and the online presence, you can have your bank anywhere.

Brand Consulting Agency

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Nodus originally began by forming a bank in Puerto Rico where they grew their clientele and understood the need from entrepreneurs across Latin America for access to a global bank. We were reached out to help in the process of turning their dream into a reality. Through several brand workshops and developing a knowledge of their specific market, we arrived at the core concepts and slogans for Nodus Bank’s campaign. “A world of possibilities wherever you are,” “Open your account in dollars wherever you are,” “Your bank wherever you are.”

However, the most important thing was not the creation of the marketing plan or content as the values and benefits of the company are apparent and evident. Still, instead, it was the creation and design of their webpage. For an e-bank, nothing can be more important than your web presence, especially if the bank primarily runs through its web and application presence. So we created a clean and professional website custom-tailored to the audience of executives and business owners of 21-55 years old while keeping the design inviting for all people looking to make new opportunities globally, no matter what you may be.

We continue to work closely with Nodus to develop their communications with their clients and open new forms of outreach and marketing by attracting and impressing the early innovators of this revolutionary step of banking. We look forward to working with more clients who take the leaps of progress ahead of the curve and wish to develop their markets. 

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