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A small storefront, a massive potential: How creative strategy unlocks market potential.

Brand Workshop:

The owners of Sugoi, a Japanese Latino fusion restaurant located in the heart of London, approached our agency with a vision to create a brand that would appeal to the youth and integrate two diverse cultures. To develop a simple yet encompassing brand, we collaborated with the owners to understand their dream and knowledge of the London market, as well as the growing potential for a Latino-Asian fusion. Our goal was to create a brand identity that would captivate the target audience while preserving the essence of both cultures.

The Challenge:

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and breaking away from the traditional mold requires careful attention to outreach, marketing, and maintaining food quality. Opening a Japanese Latino fusion restaurant presented a unique challenge, as it required striking a balance between the two cultures and establishing a strong connection with the young audience in London. Our challenge was to create a brand that could convey the bold concept of Sugoi and differentiate it from other restaurants in the market.


The Result:

Drawing inspiration from the owners' vision and the fusion of cultures, we developed a brand name that represented the essence of Sugoi. "Sugoi" is a Japanese superlative that conveys admiration for talent or power, often used to describe something extraordinary or awesome. By incorporating "JPN" in the name, we ensured a recall to Japanese cuisine while maintaining its association with Latin roots.

In addition to the name, we designed a simple yet eye-catching logo featuring a smiling sushi chef in a modern Asian graphic style. The logo's elements took inspiration from popular design styles, such as "hello kitty," making it refreshing and appealing, particularly to the younger target market. The high-quality logo and name instilled professionalism and helped Sugoi quickly integrate into the market, establishing a solid customer base.


To further promote Sugoi, we created social media campaigns with catchy phrases and slogans like "It's not sushi, it's not taco, it's Sugoi!" These phrases aimed to excite customers about trying something new while highlighting the fusion of traditional favorites like tacos. We also extended our involvement to various aspects of the company, including apparel branding and storefront design, allowing us to fully immerse our team in the project.


The Conclusion:

Working with Sugoi provided our agency with a unique opportunity to collaborate with a client on multiple fronts, from the initial concept to execution, strategy development to market content creation, and various design elements. By creating a compelling brand identity, engaging social media campaigns, and maintaining consistency across all touchpoints, Sugoi successfully captured the attention and admiration of London's youth. This comprehensive approach enabled Sugoi to rapidly integrate into the market and build a loyal customer base. We are proud to have played a role in Sugoi's journey and invite anyone in London seeking a unique and fresh dining experience to visit Sugoi and indulge in their extraordinary fusion cuisine.

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