At RDLB, we prioritize you. We do not want to be a separate entity to our clients; we seek a partnership in which both parties leave happily satisfied, and a friendship germinates. We will go to incredible lengths to make sure that your wishes are fulfilled in the best way possible. Whatever it is you want, we are up for it. Our twenty-five years’ experience allows us to make innovation much less risky. We do not just tell you our opinion on what to do, we accompany you throughout the entire process, working closely with your team. We are not about doing the bare minimum. Instead, we are overly involved. We pay close attention to your brand. We adapt to your brand. We do the best by everyone’s standards.

Brand WorkShop.

This is the stage that helps you and us define your communications, including your logo, your web messages, your social media, etc. It usually takes around four weeks, and during this time, we deeply invest ourselves in understanding your company. We take a cookie-cutter approach: we know no size fits all. Therefore, this stage is crucial in our process. It is here when we figure out what your real competitive advantage is, what your weaknesses are, and in which area you should compete. You become our partner, our friend, and together we will define the route map to follow to build a successful communication strategy that will stay true to your goals, and, consequently, help your company grow. 

Logo Design.

There are infinite fonts and tools to play with when creating a logo, but it gets easy to let it become game. Your brand deserves more than just that. Real professionals know to create more than a beautiful letter combination: we know to make a symbol, an image, that will portray your brand’s true colors. Your communication efforts need to be led by a strong logo. Investing on the logo as an asset is a smart idea!

Social Media.

Social media gave power to the people. Now everybody is a media station that can create and share content anytime, anywhere. Success of social media is based on content, and although it may seem easy, it requires a lot more thought than people assume. It is a time-consuming task that needs to be focused, coherent, well-planned, honest, and touching. We are here to take care of your social media accounts, with the purpose of growing your audience to bring traffic to your business.


We understand that brands are sold through emotions, through stories. People need to feel they are buying more than just a physical product, something that evokes a strong emotional reaction. We are masters at creating stories behind brands. But these must be honest, transparent. So, getting to know you is critical to uncovering a story worth telling.


First impressions are important. In this day and age, websites are first impressions of businesses or people. Websites need to be simple yet powerful; they need to catch your essence. Who are you? What do you do? Where can we find you? At RDLB, we could help you identify what you should be showcasing on your website and how it should look like. We are able to create all the content and coding you need to ensure your business has a flawless storefront.


Campaigns are coordinate actions that occur on an specific time frame to achieve particular goals. Must be just one message perfectly landed on all the point of contact, creating real brand experiences that help understand the value proposition.

We have strong experience running several successful campaings in Europe, Asia, Latam and USA for companies like Coca-Cola, Telefonica, Vodafone, CNN as many others! We would love to be part of your team during this particular moments


Personal Branding.

The digital world we live in brings with it a great deal of scrutiny before ever doing business. Everybody surfs the Internet to find out as much as possible about not only the company but the leaders behind it. Building a positive, strong reputation helps companies grow. A sense of transparency and trust in the people behind the brand is deeply important, and personal branding is the way to go. We have worked closely on this not only with top executives, but also country presidents and candidates.


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