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Brand WorkShop.

In other words, the work that helps you define your communications (logo, web, messages, social, etc)

The Brand WorkShop usually takes 4 weeks, and during this time, we go deep understanding what is your company real competitive advantage, what are your weakness and in what area you should compete. Basically together we define the Route Map you should follow to build a successful communication campaign that by consequence will help your company grow!

Logo Design.

Yes we know every single day you could find more fonts and tools to play with... but this is a "Game"... your Company deserver more than this... Real professionals than more than a beautiful letter combination, create a Symbol, an Image, that represent the Value of your company!

At the end all your communicational efforts goes to your Logo! if you are investing so much time and money, do it on the right Asset, a well though Logo!

Social Media.

Social Media gave power to the people. Now everyone is a Media Station that can create and share content every-time, everywhere. Success on Social Media is base on CONTENT... an this is not a joke... it's time consuming, need focus, coherence, follow a plan, be in line with your brand, connect with your followers as many other considerations. 

We are here to take care of your social media accounts, growing your audience and bringing traffic to your business.


Today  brands are sold through emotions, through stories. People are buying more that just a physical product, they are buying something that Makes Them Feel in one way or another.

We are Masters creating Stories behind brands. Let's give your brand a strong emotional story.  


The first reference anyone get from a business or person is Their WebSite. Now a days is crucial to have a simple but strong WebPage that summarize who you are, what you do, and shows all the connections to your social media accounts. At RDLB we could help you identify what you should be showing there and how should this looks like. We create all the content and code you need.


Campaigns are coordinate actions that occur on an specific time frame to achieve particular goals. Must be just one message perfectly landed on all the point of contact, creating real brand experiences that help understand the value proposition.

We have strong experience running several succesful campaings in Europe, Asia, Latam and USA for companies like Coca-Cola, Telefonica, Vodafone, CNN as many others! We would love to be part of your team during this particular moments

Personal Branding.

We live in a Digital World were everyone before do business, check the web. People not just search about the company but the leaders behind it. Building a Positive Strong Reputation open doors and helps companies grow. We have deep experiences on this field working close not just with top executives but also Country Presidents and future Candidates.