RDLB is a creative agency pushing the future of marketing. Rather than just focusing on tactical communications, we are a strategic growth driver. 


Building a brand is much more than creating a logo. For decades, we have been working with the biggest multinationals in the world as well as successful start-ups to differentiate their products, convey impactful messages, establish their modus operandi, maximize their customer base, and achieve their goals. All of our tactics are a continuous and meticulous effort towards sustained growth.


Advertisement and communication have been amplified so much by the internet that they have become extremely diluted. Many companies nowadays entrust their marketing strategies in fifteen-year-olds with basic knowledge of Photoshop and Instagram. And, although it may seem like an affordable way to cut corners, the lack of efficiency and experience leak through.


We are professionals at what we do. We do not cut corners; we instead study every detail. We do real research. Our work is not in any way a magic trick. It is not prosperous because we cross our fingers and hope for the best. It is prosperous because we have twenty-five years’ worth of experience in the industry. And we find ways to make any brand grow. 


But to do that, we have to build a proper relationship with our clients, or, as we call them, our friends. We approach this task in the form of a month-long workshop in which we get a true understanding of what your brand is like. We find out your true competitive advantages, your weaknesses, and your targets. our analysis is brutally honest.


If you are looking around this website, chances are, your business is in some trouble. This means that you need to hear us say: “This suck! But we can help.” We will get to the very root of who you are as a brand and find a creative, different way of transmitting it to the public, something no 15-year-old with an iPhone can do.


So, to summarize… We are here to help. To give your ideas the power they deserve. To find optimal solutions to your marketing problems. we do not settle for ordinary. We push your ideas, your products, and your brand to their utmost potential. So, expect no less. 



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