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The silk sense


Case Story


One of the biggest lies that mission-based companies tell themselves is that consumers will give up luxury over ethics. Companies that ask their customers to compromise their taste for values don’t get too far because the customer never compromises their worth. Niluu was founded on the belief that you can have your cake and eat it too! With their revolutionary VeganSilk handcrafted in Turkey, they have created a brand that gives people the luxury and feel of silk without the repercussions and subsequent cruelty that is tied to traditional silk. 

Brand Consulting Agency

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Our story with niLuu starts with that dream from Nilüfer Bracco and her mission to bring to the world a sustainable but beautiful brand. We worked with her closely to create the concept and the mission for this company, but more importantly, we were focused on embodying her movement in design. We needed to develop a brand and content for it to give the company its first entrance to the market, but most importantly, we needed a phrase. Something that encapsulates the essence of the company while keeping it fun, quick, and memorable. Soon enough, we found it!


The silk sense. A play on words alludes to a 6th sense, the sense of silk, the most memorable and unique aspect about silk being its soft and smooth touch. It’s a gentle phrase, but it surpassed all the requirements for a great phrase, so we began designing.  


We then designed the niLuu logo; its composition reminds you of two closed eyes gently asleep to give the illusion of feeling and sleep in silk. It keeps to a modern and minimalist style but contains a lot of substance and speaks to the primary audience for niLuu. 

With niLuu we have been able to work from conception with not a brand but a movement. We love working with clients like niLuu, which is not just a simple business transaction but a much larger mission and journey that the company and subsequently their customers embark on.

We want to support mission-based and value-based companies to achieve and help the world we all live in. Our support comes from creating and empowering their company and brand’s narratives so that their customers feel welcomed, informed, and connected with the company’s greater mission. 


If your company wants to refocus its values

or missions or set a new chapter of its history

by a mission campaign, contact us;

we are here to help!

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We want
to support mission-based and value-based companies to achieve and help the world we all live in.

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