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NiLuu Sustainable Silk

Redefining Luxury with VeganSilk

One of the common misconceptions among mission-based companies is that consumers are unwilling to compromise luxury for ethics. However, Niluu, a company founded on the belief that you can have both luxury and ethical values, sought to challenge this notion. With their revolutionary VeganSilk, handcrafted in Turkey, they aimed to provide customers with the luxurious feel of silk without the cruelty associated with traditional silk production.

Nilüfer Bracco working on NiLuu

Brand Workshop:

Our partnership with Nilüfer Bracco began by understanding her dream and mission, and our focus was to embody her movement through design. We needed to develop a brand and captivating content that would introduce the company to the market, but more importantly, we needed a phrase that encapsulated the essence of the brand while being fun, concise, and memorable.


The Challenge:

The challenge was to create a brand that successfully communicated the concept of luxury without cruelty. We aimed to prove that consumers could have a luxurious experience without compromising their values. Our task was to develop a captivating phrase that captured the essence of the brand and design a logo that resonated with the primary audience of niLuu.

The Result:

After thorough exploration and ideation, we arrived at the phrase "The silk sense." This play on words alluded to a 6th sense, the sense of silk, emphasizing the unique and memorable aspect of silk's soft and smooth touch. It was a gentle phrase that met all the requirements for a remarkable tagline. With this phrase in mind, we proceeded to design the niLuu logo. The logo composition depicted two closed eyes gently asleep, creating the illusion of feeling and sleep in silk. Its modern and minimalist style spoke directly to niLuu's primary audience and conveyed a sense of luxury, comfort, and sustainability.

Working with niLuu provided us with the opportunity to collaborate from the company's conception, as we aligned ourselves not just with a brand, but with a movement. Our agency thrives on supporting mission-based and value-based companies, helping them make a positive impact on the world. For niLuu, we were committed to creating and empowering their brand narrative, ensuring that customers felt welcomed, informed, and connected to the company's greater mission.



Our partnership with niLuu allowed us to support a mission-based company on its journey to redefine luxury with VeganSilk. Through creative ideation and strategic design, we developed a brand and content that successfully communicated the concept of luxury without cruelty. The phrase "The silk sense" encapsulated the essence of niLuu, emphasizing the luxurious and gentle nature of their VeganSilk. The niLuu logo, with its minimalist design and symbolic elements, resonated with the primary audience, connecting them to the brand's values and mission.


At RDLB Agency, we are dedicated to collaborating with purpose-driven companies like niLuu, going beyond simple business transactions and embracing larger missions and journeys. By empowering their brand narratives, we strive to create meaningful connections between these companies and their customers, fostering a sense of welcome, information, and alignment with the greater mission. Through our work with niLuu, we not only helped redefine luxury but also contributed to a more sustainable and compassionate world.

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NiLuu founder Nilüfer with the Silk Sense
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