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The way to win against giants: How quality storytelling, logo, and packaging overcome brand loyalty. 

Avelina is a family company, that produces oats fresh from the farm to table in markets across the globe. Over the many years since its founding the Libi family has grown the company’s personnel, product line, and mission to embrace their identity. However, with Avelina entering and competing in the US markets, they reached out to us at RDLB Agency to give them a hand in the process and create a new brand that truly reflects their identity and makes their target audience feel invited.


The challenge:

At first, Avelina wanted to focus on social media, brand identity, and presence. But we at the agency felt it was important to evaluate and develop a well-structured strategy to compete with the more established brands. Instead of going toe to toe with brands like Quaker Oats and Nature Valley in their ring, legacy; we decided to form a blue ocean strategy. To enter a field and seize a niche that has the least competitors to ensure early dominance in the market. Rather than focusing on Avelina’s family legacy and history, we decided to take over the regional health brands. Positioning Avelina in the front of the race for the healthiest, tastiest, morning boost, of the Southeast. With position, goal, and benchmarks in mind, we got the team involved in the brand workshop to deliver on our client’s dreams.







Brand Workshop:

We first began the workshop like any other,  by establishing a clear brand tone, identity, and logo. After several different models and options were sampled, we landed on the perfect logo to drive the brand identity home. Using soft and country-like typography we changed the Avelina to be in a bright orange base, representing the sunrise in the fields of the farm, and in the letter “I” we illustrated an oat grain rising from the ground. All put together the new logo and identity focused on the values of healthy, family, and well-being, which helped guide us into the next phase of execution. Creating the social media presence, website, and pitch decks so the company could start transitioning and phasing out the old brand. In a matter of a couple of weeks, the agency was able to completely transform the Avelina brand from an outdated but well-recognized brand in LATAM to a competitive and appealing brand for the US markets. 



The brand logo, identity, website, and brand messages were completely altered from our first encounter. Since then Avelina has quickly adapted to its new brand, taking on new goals and challenges in the US to expand its reputation as a go-to health food. With the target audience’s interest being, well-being and exercise, we got Avelina involved in real-world activities and promotions to putting the brand on the top of people’s minds. Participating in the Miami marathon, offering healthy and delicious recipes in preparation for working out, and getting the family involved in more direct communication with their customers, all have brought Avelina into a new chapter in their story. With the next generation of Libi’s preparing to take over the family business, a new brand identity that reflects their growth and development into the future was the fuel to their exponential rise in the wellness industry.

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