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Simplifying Complexity for ChaiOne

ChaiOne is a software engineering firm that excels in upskilling employees and streamlining processes. However, their services can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with computing. To make their brand more approachable and empathetic, RDLB was tasked with aligning ChaiOne's mission and brand.


The company name "Chai One" originated when the founder was forming an early venture for a chai tea chain to rival Starbucks. Although the venture was abandoned, investors were impressed by the founder's professionalism, enthusiasm, and diligence, leading to the birth of ChaiOne. But with a brand that no longer resonated with their clients, ChaiOne's growth was being stunted.


The Solution:

To address this issue, RDLB took a different approach by collaborating with the executive staff and team to understand the company's culture, values, identity, and overall feel. We discovered that ChaiOne had a thriving company culture, with a motivated, bonded, and professional team that held "Chai meetings" to drink tea and discuss the company as a team.


The Result:

Our brand strategists developed a blue ocean strategy, which our team of creatives used to redesign ChaiOne's logo, web page, and story. The logo, previously featuring the company name with a chai leaf, was transformed to represent the human touch ChaiOne has with their clients.  The new logo features a smiling face in the "O" of ChaiOne, emphasizing the company's wonderful work culture, tea tradition, and personal approach to digital transitions. The brand's palette was also redesigned to feature nature-based, agreeable colors, reinforcing the company's approachability and down-to-earth nature. The texts and story were refined to sound more conversational and less robotic.


Clear communication is critical for customer engagement. By simplifying ChaiOne's complexity and emphasizing the human aspect of their brand, RDLB was able to help ChaiOne better connect with their clients and achieve exponential growth.

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