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How taking risks means
getting ahead.

During the early stages of the pandemic, when companies were scared to take chances, make serious investments, and much less try something daring, Parentezi was born. Created by Cheryl Herger an experienced designer and boutique store owner during a period where the world came to sudden slow down and people were able to reflect on their circumstances, culture, and trends, the idea of Quite Luxury and understated elegance began to pick up traction.

The Workshop: 

Collaborating closely with Cheryl Herger (Founder & CEO) and her team, the agency worked hand in hand to formulate a brand identity, image, and presence that would make an impact in the aspired audience. Diving deep into the fashion industry and analyzing what the hot trends and innovations were in branding, we quickly realized that the vision of Parentezi was perfect for the need in the industry for brandless, simple yet sophisticated, luxury. Something that worked perfectly while working from home and a night out in the city, a brand that resonated with the chic women of today’s fashion world while keeping it understated and timeless for any wardrobe.

The Challenge:

Developing a fashion brand from scratch in the outbreak of the COVID pandemic was not a simple task, but certainly not impossible. During that time our home of creatives were working from home, managing families, work, and their own health, but we never compromised with our clients. What we realized was that online and isolated made us effective and flexible, we were available 24/7 with designers and editors in different continents being able to take callsand continuously make progress

The Solution:

In lightning speed, the agency was able to create a modern, sleek, seductive brand identity with a new logo, website, content, and production to constantly push Parentezi at the top of customer’s feeds and minds.We strategically focused on digital marketing, leveraging social media platforms and influencer collaborations to generate brand awareness and drive traffic to the Parentezi website. Through captivating visuals, engaging storytelling, and carefully curated content, we established an online presencethat resonated with the target audience.As Parentezi gained momentum and customer loyalty, we continued to innovate and evolve the brand, optimizingthe website for mobile devices, implemented user-friendly navigation, and integrated a secure and convenient e-commerce platform. This allowed customers to browse and purchase Parentezi's products effortlessly, even during the pandemic when physical retail was limited.


The story of Parentezi exemplifies how taking risks, even during uncertain times, can lead to remarkable success. By embracing digital marketing, adapting to the changing retail landscape, and staying true to its brand identity, Parentezi carved a niche for itself in the fashion industry. Cheryl Herger's vision and collaboration with the agency proved instrumental in creating a brand that resonated with the modern woman seeking understated elegance. Through strategic branding, effective storytelling, and a commitment to sustainability, Parentezi established itself as a formidable name in the world of luxury fashion.

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