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Redefining Cultural Connection for the Venezuelan Diaspora.

EVTV, an innovative television channel, recognized the potential within the Venezuelan diaspora and aimed to become a cultural hub for Venezuelans worldwide.

Brand Workshop:


RDLB Agency, having members of Venezuelan descent, collaborated closely with EVTV to redefine their brand, and reinforce their identity, ensuring long-term relevance and significance. Our deep understanding of the audience's longing for connection and information guided our approach, allowing us to transform EVTV into a platform that resonated with Venezuelans across the globe.

The Challenge:


EVTV wanted to tap into the untapped market of the Venezuelan diaspora and provide a sense of home, heritage, and reliable news to Venezuelans scattered worldwide. In an ever-evolving television industry, EVTV needed to adapt and utilize new mediums to preserve their unique content and maintain their distinctiveness. Our task was to redefine EVTV's brand and ensure that it remained relevant and meaningful in the face of changing media consumption habits.

Brand Consulting Agency

The Result:


Our collaboration with EVTV was built on partnership and openness to change. Working closely with EVTV's owner, Carlos Mendez, we revitalized the brand, infusing it into every aspect of the company. By understanding EVTV's mission and purpose, we evolved their mediums and expanded into new ones, creating a customized Venezuelan experience for viewers. We shifted the focus from what EVTV did to what they offered, emphasizing the emotional connection and satisfaction their audience craved. This approach established EVTV as a cultural touchstone, synonymous with home and securing a lasting place in the hearts and TV sets of Venezuelans around the world.


EVTV's transformation from a television channel to a cultural hub for the Venezuelan diaspora exemplified the importance of recognizing the emotions and desires of viewers. By fostering a sense of home and connection, EVTV not only solidified its position but also left a lasting imprint on the memories of its audience. The collaboration between RDLB Agency and EVTV extended beyond professional boundaries, evolving into a family-like connection that highlights our commitment to EVTV's success.

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As a result of our partnership, RDLB Agency continues to provide ongoing support to EVTV for their communication and marketing needs. Our bond goes beyond a typical client-agency relationship, demonstrating the depth of our commitment to EVTV and our shared vision. Through our collaboration, EVTV has successfully redefined cultural connection for the Venezuelan diaspora, allowing Venezuelans worldwide to find a sense of belonging and preserve their heritage.



The EVTV case study serves as a testament to the power of unique brand identity in a competitive industry. By embracing their heritage, listening to their audience, and collaborating closely with RDLB Agency, EVTV has positioned itself as a cherished home for Venezuelans worldwide. In a rapidly changing media landscape, EVTV's unwavering commitment to their audience's needs ensures their continued relevance and significance.

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