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A Lyft life.

In the intense business battle between Uber and Lyft, Lyft emerged as the ridesharing app that catered to the people's need for a more cost-effective option. However, Lyft recognized the importance of strengthening its brand to compete with Uber's dominance in the market.

The regional marketing manager in Miami reached out to our agency for a campaign and ideas to reinforce Lyft's marketing and brand in the area. Leveraging Miami's favorite color and the city's vibrant culture, we aimed to position Lyft as the fun and celebratory rideshare option.


The Challenge:

Uber, despite its dominance, faced challenges in terms of public perception and brand image. Lyft needed to capitalize on this weakness by differentiating itself and reinforcing its own brand in the Miami market. Our challenge was to create a campaign that would highlight Lyft as a lifestyle choice rather than just a cheaper or person-to-person rideshare option. We aimed to develop an emotional connection between consumers and Lyft, positioning it as the choice for fun and enjoyable experiences.

The Result:

Drawing inspiration from Miami's vibrant culture and the city's favorite color, pink, we reimagined Lyft's branding to align with the desires of the local consumer base. We crafted a simple yet powerful promotional slogan: "Life is short, get a Lyft." This slogan encapsulated the idea that Lyft was more than just a transportation service—it was a way to embrace life, celebrate, and enjoy the city. We further personalized the campaign by creating specific messages that tapped into the emotions of Miami residents, such as "Marc Antony is in town, get a Lyft" or "Tomorrow will be 74 and sunny. Get a Lyft."


By differentiating the brand and its view in the eyes of consumers, we captured the essence of Miami's culture and connected Lyft with the desire for fun and excitement. This approach allowed Lyft to stand out against Uber's more professional and elitist image. We positioned Uber as the choice for necessary tasks, while Lyft became the preferred option for enjoyable experiences and activities.



Working with Lyft in Miami provided our agency with the opportunity to redefine the perception of a well-established brand. By understanding the emotional connection and history that customers have with a brand, we were able to deliver a direct and straightforward message that resonated with the target audience. This campaign allowed Lyft to reinforce its brand in Miami as the go-to choice for people who wanted to make the most of their time and have fun. We believe that established brands need to look inward and reevaluate their emotional relationship with customers to understand their desires and aspirations. Through our collaboration with Lyft, we successfully repositioned the brand in the Miami market, creating a strong and relatable identity that connected with consumers on a deeper level.

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