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A Lyft life


Case Story

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One of the fiercest business battles in the past decade has been that of Uber vs. Lyft. Uber, the dominant company, has been controlling markets across large cities in the US; however, Uber's Achille's heel has always been its public view and brand. Lyft emerged from the need for a more cost-available rideshare option; in other words, Lyft was the ridesharing app for the people. Since its rise, Uber has been doubling down on its market and sales, and Lyft has needed to strengthen its markets and reinforce its most vital point, its brand.

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The regional marketing manager contacted us in Miami for a campaign and ideas on reinforcing their marketing and brand in the area. Lyft in Miami has one singular upper hand in its branding against Uber; Miami's favorite color and the most recognizable color is pink. Pink is a color that expresses happiness, unlike Uber's black look that conveys professionalism and elitism. Uber's foundation was based around a higher-paying customer looking for a black car to commute to work. Lyft is the peoples' car, and the people in Miami want to have fun; they want to celebrate and party and go to the beach. We framed this concept neatly into one promotional slogan "Life is short, get a lyft."

Lyft in this campaign wasn't just a cheaper option or person-to-person rideshare; it's a lifestyle choice and a way to develop an emotion for the consumer when making a choice. So if "Marc Antony is in town, get a Lyft," "Tomorrow will be 74 and sunny. Get a Lyft" 


That differentiated the brand and its view in the consumer's eye in a simple yet effective way that felt uniquely Miami. Uber you do for the things you have to do, while Lyft is for the things you want to do.

Working with Lyft, we experienced working with a limited number of cards that changed the way a large brand is viewed. Still, that pressure of delivering within an established brand allowed us to be more direct and straightforward with our message. We find that established brands need to look internally in a different perspective with their emotional relation and history with their customers to understand what they want to feel.

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