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Bottling Tango


Case Story


The wine world is divided mainly between 3 regions of the world: southern European hillside, the American west coast, and southernmost region of South America. For a long time, the most famous and classic of wines has been thought to come from Europe. However, in the case of Tamari, the agency was able to work with one of the most unique and quality wines from Argentina, and their identity makes it be one of the most daring brands in wine.

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Our story with Tamari begins with a call from the owner of Terlato Wines, the owner company of wines with vineyards across the Chilean coast and Argentina. He understood that the market for wine in South America has a more significant young generation looking for classic but cultured wine, especially those from Argentina. One of his vineyards is located within the Uco Valley of Mendoza, Argentina, a region neighboring Chile. It is a valley with an outstanding reputation for producing the best quality Malbec in the nation and arguably the world. While the grapes and the classic root of the Malbec grown in the region originate from France, the territory and treatment bring the wine’s taste and richness to its apex. However, beyond its superior growth and quality of vinification, its true differentiation, and the unique element that Tamari brings to the market is its culture of tango.

We created the story of its brand, tango bottled! Tamari’s wine is the taste of tango and Argentinian Malbec culture. So pure Tamari barrels feel though the ground had mixed with the eruptions of noise and movement of tango danced in Mendoza.  Wine filled with passion and intense flavor, it tastes of dance, the passion brought to every string of a guitar, and the swivel of the wine matches that of the dancer. Its culture and tie to tango make Tamari not a wine from Argentina or Patagonia; it makes Tamari the peak of a true Argentine Malbec.  It's tango bottled!

We designed the brand around that concept and truth, around the dance of tango and what Malbec and tango represent in the Argentinian people. We designed the bottle to portray thick red paint brushed rapidly across the name to create the essence of artistic passion that is so found in tango.

We also looked to form a more sensual aspect of the wine to reflect tango’s sensual nature between dancers to make customers resonate with the love and culture in each bottle. It was important to speak to our customers and understand their mindset when choosing a wine. We wanted to give them the truth and identity of this wine that sets us apart from the competition, and importantly, it places Tamari as the culturally genuine brand of wine.


Bottling tango into Tamari and the brand has been a remarkable project for the agency.

To dive into the culture and identity of not just a company or a product, but of a nation and dance was a beautiful experience. We hope to work with more companies looking to make their mark by creating their identity from the truths of their quality and their connection to their culture.

Brand Consulting Agency

We looked to form a more sensual aspect of the wine to reflect tango’s sensual nature between dancers to make customers resonate with the love and culture in each bottle.

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