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Tango dancing Chile

Bottling Tango

Brand Workshop:

The wine industry is fiercely competitive, with many regions and varieties vying for consumer attention. For a long time, the most famous and classic wines were believed to come from Europe. However, in recent years, other regions such as South America have been making a name for themselves in the wine industry. This case study details how an agency was able to create a unique and culturally genuine brand identity for an Argentinian wine called Tamari.

The Challenge:

Terlato Wines, the owner of Tamari, wanted to create a unique brand identity for their Argentinian Malbec that would differentiate it from other wines in the market. They realized that the South American wine market had a significant young generation looking for classic but cultured wines, especially those from Argentina. The challenge was to create a story brand that would resonate with this audience and set Tamari apart from its competitors.


The Solution:

The agency created the story of Tamari, the taste of tango and Argentinian Malbec culture. Tamari's differentiation from other wines in the market was its culture of tango. The agency designed the story brand around the concept of tango and what Malbec and tango represent in Argentinian culture. They quickly applied the bottle design, featuring thick red paint, to evoke the artistic passion found in tango.


We also aimed to evoke the sensual nature of tango between dancers by reflecting it in the wine's sensory experience. They wanted customers to resonate with the love and culture in each bottle. The agency understood their target market's mindset and aimed to give them the truth and identity of the wine, which sets Tamari apart from the competition. Importantly, it places Tamari as a culturally genuine brand of wine.


The Results:

The agency's work on the Tamari brand was a remarkable project. The brand identity they created helped to differentiate the wine from other Argentinian Malbecs in the market. The brand's unique selling proposition of being the taste of tango and Argentinian Malbec culture resonated with the target audience, and the brand received positive feedback from consumers.

TamaríAsset 7poster.png
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Tamari ShelfStrip May31.png
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The Tamari case study highlights the importance of creating a unique and culturally genuine brand identity that resonates with the target audience. By understanding the target market's mindset, the agency was able to create a brand that spoke to the customers' truth and identity, setting Tamari apart from its competitors. In a highly competitive industry such as wine, creating a unique brand identity is crucial to success. The Tamari brand is an excellent example of how a brand can differentiate itself in a crowded market by embracing its cultural roots.

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