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How a B2B company changes to a B2P company. Business to People.

Martin Foods has been around almost for 80 years, forming deep relationships with the people of Houston and across the Southwest, but when we got the call from Jeff, they were looking for a change. They wanted to double down on what they were known for: exceptional protein procurement, innovative research & development, and quality service.


Since the start of the pandemic, they’ve been facing increased competition from the big multinational food service conglomerates that offer clients large quantity of bargain proteins.

The Solution:

RDLB began the project by conducting extensive research into Martin Foods' target market, competitors, and industry trends. Using this research to develop a brand strategy that would differentiate Martin Foods from its competitors and appeal to its target market.


We then began the process of creating a new brand identity for Martin Foods. Starting by developing a new logo that was modern and visually appealing. The logo incorporated elements that were relevant to the food industry, chef’s hat and an appealing red color palette, while also incorporating elements that were unique to Martin Foods, such as a the shaking of the two hands, which spoke to the company's focus on relationships, people, and friendship.


Once the logo was finalized, our team began developing other visual elements, such as packaging and marketing materials. Using bold and modern color palettes, with deep reds and subtle earth tones that evoked a sense of delicious protein. Above all, we reinforced in every marketing deliverable, that personal touch, that of a friend or a quality professional.

The Result:

The new brand identity that RDLB created for Martin Foods was a huge success. It helped the company differentiate itself from its competitors and appeal to its B2B target market. The new branding was rolled out across all of Martin Foods' marketing materials, including their website, social media, and packaging.

Martin Foods Your Partner in the Protein Industry


Working with RDLB allowed Martin Foods to develop a strong brand identity that helped them differentiate themselves from their competitors and appeal to their target market. RDLB's approach, which involved extensive research and careful attention to detail, allowed them to create a brand identity that was both modern and unique. As a result, Martin Foods was able to increase their market share and remain competitive in a crowded industry.

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