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How to Display your Brand’s Value

Davos Financial is an esteemed international business and financial consulting firm with over 30 years of experience. Their primary focus is providing comprehensive services to individuals, families, and companies seeking to secure, manage, and maximize their capital to achieve their financial goals. However, Davos Financial recognized the need to update their brand image to better appeal to entrepreneurs and showcase their industry experience and insights. They sought the expertise of RDLB Agency to revitalize their brand and create a modern, inviting, and sophisticated online presence.

Brand Workshop:

To kick off the project, the agency conducted a comprehensive brand workshop with the Davos Financial team. This workshop aimed to gain a deep understanding of Davos Financial's core values, target audience, and desired brand perception. Through collaborative discussions, brainstorming sessions, and competitor analysis, RDLB Agency gathered valuable insights that would guide the rebranding process.

The Challenge:

Davos Financial faced several challenges in their existing brand image. Their outdated logo failed to capture the essence of their services and lacked appeal to their target audience of young entrepreneurs. Similarly, their website and social media platforms did not effectively engage visitors or reflect their industry experience and modern approach. Davos Financial required a complete rebranding strategy that would address these challenges and position them as a trusted partner in growing businesses and markets.

The Solution:

Our home of creatives worked closely with the Davos Financial team to develop a comprehensive rebranding solution. Starting with Brand Identity and Logo Redesign, we created a new logo that embodied Davos Financial's values and unique selling points. The new brand featured a stylized "D" designed with a plus symbol (+), representing the added value Davos Financial brings to businesses through integrated solutions. This visually communicated their expertise and highlighted their commitment to maximizing their clients' capital. During the workshop we crafted a modern and cohesive brand identity for Davos Financial. Which included defining a new color palette, selecting appropriate typography, and creating brand guidelines that ensured consistency across all touchpoints. Additionally, the Davos website needed to align with their new brand image. We optimized the web for user experience, with intuitive navigation, engaging content, and clear calls-to-action. Key features included showcasing their services, highlighting their edge, and providing thought leadership through blog articles and industry insights.


But we didn’t stop there, we also developed a social media strategy to enhance Davos Financial's online presence and engagement. By creating compelling content, sharing industry news, and leveraging thought leadership, the agency helped Davos Financial establish themselves as an authoritative voice in the business and financial consulting space.


The Result:

Through RDLB Agency's collaborative efforts with Davos Financial, the rebranding initiative achieved remarkable results. With their modernized brand image showcased by their new brand identity and sleek logo the team was able to capture the industry expertise and insights while appealing to it’s target audience. It’s reimagined brand image became one of trusted and forward-thinking partner to achieving financial goals. Likewise, the revamped website led to increased market reach and company growth as visitors experience a seamless journey through informational and educational content. The new brand appealed to an increased audience, generating a greater brand awareness and a growing network of entrepreneurs lining up to seek their business.

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