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Empowering Children's Dreams.


Brand Workshop:

Meryl Kennedy, a longstanding client, acquired a cookie dough factory with a vision to create an avenue for kids to help them develop entrepreneurial skills and impact their community through fundraising. However, when the agency first began, we realized the communication was dispersed and unfocused on the mission at hand. The original brand lacked the final benefit, the kids who were being impacted and transformed through this opportunity. It also did not reflect the Kennedy family's love, compassion, and community care that originated from Meryl's grandfather, a southern pastor who referred to everyone as "neighb." We aimed to create a brand that resonated with the target audience, infusing the values and mission throughout the company, and bringing their story to life.

The Challenge:

The original branding lacked these elements, with dark red colors, a happy cookie logo that didn't communicate the company's story, and little to no mention of the kids they were empowering. We needed to develop a brand that resonated with the audience, went beyond superficial marketing efforts, and permeated throughout the entire company.

The Result:

We developed a comprehensive brand architecture that the Kennedy family could truly embrace. We started by redefining the values and just cause to focus on the ultimate beneficiaries: the children. Our goal was to empower children to achieve the American dream by actively participating in their communities and learning entrepreneurial skills from a young age. To visually represent this, we redesigned the logo, replacing the dark red font and smiling cookie with two light orange hands coming together to form the letter "N" for Neighbors. This new logo and brand look conveyed sincere support for raising the next generation with the tools and knowledge to manage money and projects.

Brand Consulting Agency

Additionally, we rewrote and prominently showcased the mission and story of Neighbors, reminding the audience of the company's original purpose and motivations for entering this field. We also oversaw the design for the internal platform where kids and schools could automatically place their orders. Transforming the process from a tedious and over complicated process to a simple streamlined journey that invites you to become part of your community. By highlighting the importance of community engagement, empowerment, and entrepreneurial education, we ensured that the brand's message resonated with both children and their parents.


Working with Neighbors provided our agency with the opportunity to transform an industrial site into a dream factory for children, embodying the values and vision of the Kennedy family. By redefining the brand architecture, we created a brand that is today one of the most important fundraising companies in the US. We are proud to have played a role in transforming Neighbors into a platform that enables children to explore their possibilities in the American dream while making a positive impact on their communities.

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