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Aristides Silva

With over 40 years of experience in the advertising industry, having previously been the chief creative director at Leo Burnett and a long career of working with renowned blue-chip clients the likes of McDonald's, Phillip Morris, Kellogg's, Heinz, P&G, United, Hasbro, and Kraft. Ari now leads RDLB’s creative home, delivering consistently innovative and original ideas to resonate with new audiences at every opportunity. We are proud to have our own madman leading the helm of creativity and design strategy and one who inspires and fosters a sense of artistic honesty and excellence within each and every detail of our works.

Our family has always had a keen eye for authentic talent. We act as a home and haven for creatives of all stripes to show off their talent and finally get their golden hour and prove their genius to the world. We don’t hire great artists we hire talented minds.Those with intuition and attention to detail that embody the message in their work. A melting pot of international ideas and art styles to form our direction. A home for writers, designers, entrepreneurs, animators, filmmakers and big dreamers. We are here to inspire and display humanity.

A Home for Creatives



Our north Italian graphic designer has a fevered passion for fashion, cinema, and unique lasting art. After attending design school in Italy, he learned how to practically expand his creativity, managing to combine the aesthetic aspects of his work with the functional aspects of life. Continuing to confound and innovate our creatives, his artistic mark is one that will be felt even stronger with time.



Known as the “Spielberg” of the team, our Italian visual animator loves crafting stories through impactful images and vibrant colors. Outside of work you might find him at the hall of the first cinema where he goes to find new inspiration. Fascinated by the mediums and aspects that emotions come from the art he is constantly searching for, art that creates an experience, one that leaves a memory.



Our illustrator and Senior Visual Communicator based in Spain with more than 15 years of experience in branding, digital media, illustration, content creation, and character development in sketch digital, and sculpture form. A lover of astrology and in constant evolution as a core purpose has made her a highly intuitive and innovative team player, constantly materializing, and communicating stunning creative pieces in a flash.

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Our fast-paced, blue-bottled coffee-drinking Boston University design grad is as good as they get with solving complex design problems on short notice. While she can always be counted on to deliver exceptional work to clients, she also has a completely different and intimate love for art. While working with her father from a young age gave her an edge in her skills and aptitude in materializing and conceptualizing designs and content for our clients, she also has a gift for artistic expression and design in her personal works, one that inspires and captivates the team to innovate. 



Our Italian videographer, motion designer, and video editor always had a love for painting but as she began to work in design, she realized drawing could not express and capture all the messages she had in mind. Instead, her love of cinema brought her to discover her passion for editing which allows her to tell any form of story. To Annalisa, every story is unique and deserves to be told. That’s why you may find her sharing a glass of wine with friends and discussing tv shows and movies and how their stories changed over time.



Our Spanish-based Art Director with over 15 years of experience in the design, care, and creative management of world-class brands focused on branding and digital strategy. Curious and free by nature she constantly learns tools and processes to optimize the results of her work and that of the RDLB team. Brave enough to experience one of the freest and most open-minded experiences, she jumped off a plane alone! Living another day and embracing the world around her she takes every day in stride and keeps the team pumped with a spirit of adventure.

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Our New York copywriter, editor, and narrator. Currently studying Journalism at Fordham University, has a deep seeded curiosity for hearing and writing stories. Thanks to his grandfather he gained a love for stories, thanks to his father he gained the desire to communicate those stories. Working near Ari, his dad, and the team since he was little, he sees RDLB as his family and his close friends, ones that he wants to help and support to new achieve new artistic feats.

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Juan Pablo

Our world-class Miami-based photographer and cinematographer with work premiered in Vogue, L’Officiel, for luxury brands like Mont Blanc, Burberry, and Omega, with a body of work defined by the exploration of new vanguards and boundaries of his imagination. Working closely with clients and pushing our work to new levels, his pursuit as he puts it is "To create an image is to reflect on a moment in time; To create a masterpiece, that moment needs the combination of multiple elements and sometimes even a little bit of luck is necessary.”

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Our journalist and audiovisual producer based in Italy has always had a passion to report and speak out to the world. While he works diligently and effortlessly at his role in RDLB and is always eager to travel and do new things, he is always thinking first of his family back home, the reason he gets up every day. Filled with the spirit of fulfilling his childhood dreams of communicating with the world he brings joy and electricity to the team every day.



Our audio and sound engineer crafts the melody for our projects. Growing up in a small village in northeast Italy the spark in his lifelong passion first came when he began singing in the choir. He went on to study electronic music in Vicenza and graduate with a degree in electronic music. As part of the home of creatives, Luca brings with him grace and melody to our projects and as a member of our team.

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Our Creative Partner and Content editor, serving a fundamental role for more than 10 years, in developing markets across Europe and executing local campaigns. With a long career in content strategy and brand positioning in Italian and European markets, he’s now based in Milano, expanding RDLB’s influence across other major design cities like Barcelona, Monaco, and Cannes, building RDLB’s team abroad.  

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