The meaning of RDLB

The first Ricardo De La Blanca was RDLB I, a Spaniard who left for America during the Spanish Civil War to start a new life, producing, and selling shoes and women’s clothes, slowly earning enough to build a fashion company.  


His son Ricardo De La Blanca II, who left Spain after finishing school, would then turn that small enterprise into one of the largest and most respected Haute fashion companies across Latin America. Hiring talent across Europe and Latin America and having fashion runways on TV and major media. His son, our founder, grew up in this environment, learning and developing his 

design taste and knowledge of craftmanship that would translate directly into our agency.


Our founder, RDLB III, began the agency with the goal of creating communication that inspires and impacts people by building emotional experiences with an obsession

for detail.


​His son, RDLB IV, is a New York based writer, looking to continue and expand the family legacy of creating a Home for Creatives.

Our core values

Be true / Be you

Dare to take risks. Good ideas come from courage, you won't be able to break the mold or think out of the box if you are in your comfort zone. We encourage ideas, criticisms, suggestions, and opinions because it’s the best way to improve our work. The greatest ideas are born out of sincere teamwork.

Be a bond builder

Building lasting relationships is part of how we work and how we interact with our clients.We look to constantly build bonds between usand with your company to be able to produce the most genuine teamwork.

Learn & always improve

The more we learn the more we are reminded of how little we know about the world, and we love it, because it just means there is always room to be inspired and improve.

What we do in this agency is foster and create bonds with your company’s customer.

There are several different ways we do that, but more important to what we do, how we do it is through a process that we coined:

It's all about a bond.




Our team and yours come together to discuss, breakdown, and then understand what your product/ service gives to the market and how it’s doing so in a right or wrong way.


We then strategize and develop a multifaceted plan that addresses. The weaknesses in the current market strategy or the product branding.


Now comes the magic,

we create heaps of content that addresses the purpose and heart of your company, but through behaviorally targeted research. We don’t believe in creating content without substance. We will create smart, interesting, content that directly portrays your missions and goals.


Anyone who says they know how the market will react is lying. No one does and we don’t lie, once your content and rebranding hits the market, we will study and react to the fallout from the market, this will give us all the needed insight to make the power move.


Now we turn the tables. With the knowledge of the market coupled with

a longer relationship with you and your product/service we can move into scaling your market and not just target the innovators and early adapters but begin to enter the mass market. 

Building brands
Improving companies.

We help companies develop remarkable brands, create powerful campaigns, and understand their competitive advantage by tapping into the real purpose of their companies. Having a powerful purpose and brand will not just resonate with consumers, but with your people. Building a brand that brings together your team and customers as a family is what creates unstoppable companies!