We are focused on bringing forward-thinking communications and lasting results to clients across B2C, B2B or what we rather call: B2P (People) category –Lifestyle, Entertainment & Culture,  Food & Beverage, Fashion, Technology, Digital, Hospitality,  Financial Services, Corporate and Public Affairs. 


We love what we do and  our results are proof.


We have the expertise, relationships, and passion you expect from a specialized boutique agency with the resources and support of a full-service marketing firm.


We regularly collaborate with other teams across our consumer division to exchange ideas, media contacts, insights, and expertise.


We are known for being results-driven and for our strong relationships with media, influencers and industry experts. At RDLB, we make it a priority to understand our client’s business and industry.

We are storytellers.


Knowing the details about the essence of the brand and what sets them apart in the market allows us to focus our strategies and efforts on developing messaging and programs that will capture the media’s attention and consumer loyalty.


What we can do for you.


At the onset, we get to know our clients inside and out.  We delve into brand history, brand mission, goals, positioning, etc. in order to fully integrate as an on-boarded extension of your team. 


Our goal is to immerse ourselves totally and completely in an effort to story mine and find the media-worthy nuggets that people are constantly seeking.  We KNOW what works so we make our mission to connect our clients into the right moments.


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