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Nonchalant Label:
Effortless, Confident, Sexy – The Nonchalant Woman

Nonchalant is a Miami-based fashion label founded by Cheryl Herger, a boutique store owner with extensive experience in the industry. The brand embodies understated fashion that has gained popularity in contemporary culture. Balancing luxury with subtlety, Nonchalant sets trends that exude chicness without compromising on simplicity or comfort.


Before developing the brand, understanding the target audience and conveying the desired message were imperative. We established three communication pillars to guide our brand and communication strategy. This involved meticulous planning of content creation, including film and production, media management, and the overall brand architecture.

Brand Consulting Agency

The Challenge:


Upon receiving the brief and conducting competitor analysis, our task was to create a brand that effortlessly resonated with the target audience. Our team of creative professionals needed to embrace a minimalist aesthetic and craft a compelling voice and tone to effectively communicate the brand's values.

Nonchalant Social Media Content

The Result:


The brand rollout was a resounding success, reaching media platforms, luxury retailers, and existing customer leads. This strong foundation propelled the label's exponential growth, positioning it as a reputable company in the fashion industry. Our marketing efforts showcased the inherent "Quiet Luxury" encompassed by the brand's values. Seductive and sophisticated Miami models were featured in our captivating content, effectively conveying the essence of a Nonchalant Woman to customers. Furthermore, our aggressive approach secured partnerships with esteemed retail chains like Saks Fifth Avenue, Revolve, and others, cementing the Nonchalant Label as a top-of-mind choice for customers. The label's simply seductive elegance continues to attract like-minded women, resonating with the needs and experiences of fast-paced women in today's world.

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