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How the right brand strategy ensures you succeed.

It’s every Latin American entrepreneur’s dream to grow their business to the point of global scale. Having a company based and operated completely in the region is a recipe for disaster, we’d know. Many clients have come from LATAM eager to unlock their potential in the United States to feel free of the political and economic turbulence in the region. DBank offers Latin American business owners the chance to transcend the region and become international organizations.

Brand Workshop:

RDLB began the brand workshop with an analysis of the existing brand identity and social media presence. At the time, DBank had an outdated web page and an unappealing social media presence, before coming to the agency the company had been focused on client acquisition and retention, not brand presence. Our strategy was to focus on the key audience demographic and give them the information, insight, and opportunity to explore new possibilities outside of their region’s circumstances.

The Challenge:

The mission was clear, create a brand architecture that enticed Latin American businesses to explore new possibilities while elevating the brand’s field position to reflect its authority as an industry expert in matters of international business expansion. Additionally, the team needed to redesign the brand’s design, points of contact, and logo to effectively communicate DBank’s value to its clients. The biggest challenge we faced was differentiating the brand and business aims to create a blue ocean for them to dominate in their field.

The Result:

The brand workshop created an effective brand architecture and marketing strategy that served as a foundation for DBank’s success in client acquisition. Our home of creatives developed a minimal key logo to represent the bank’s potential to unlock a global realm of opportunities while keeping the aim and target of its communications to the Latin American sector, offering them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow out of the region.



RDLB Agency’s brand workshop resulted in a clear, effective, and successful brand architecture that propelled DBank’s authority as an industry leader. The impact of minimal, modern, and effective design & communications reflected their authentic skill in transforming businesses and transcending regional conflicts. Our content and social media efforts have also elevated DBank’s brand to engage with new clients and industry experts to further their mission of alleviating LATAM’s complicated business world.

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