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The perfect combination of strategy, creativity, and art.

How? By listening and learning from our members about what moves them, what their passions are, and how their unique perspectives can be incorporated in every piece of our work. Whether it’s our team in Italy, always known for excellent taste, art, design, fashion, and emotions - or our team in the Big Apple and Miami developing strategies and campaigns for our clients.

We developed a hub of creatives, one in Italy, one in Spain, supporting and empowering our strategic team in the US; offering to our clients the best of both worlds.

Discover each month the story behind our Home of Creatives.

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A family business

The De la Blanca family's journey starts with RDLB I, a Spaniard who left for America during the Spanish Civil War. He began by selling shoes and women's clothes and gradually built a fashion company. His son, Ricardo De La Blanca Jr., expanded this small enterprise into a renowned haute fashion company in Latin America. Their legacy continues with our founder, RDLB III, who learned design and craftsmanship in this environment, expanding the agency to Europe and the US while inspiring our agency's goal: creating impactful communication through emotional experiences and obsessive attention to detail. Now, RDLB IV, a New York-based writer, aims to carry on the family legacy, making it a "Home of Creatives." An idea that more than an agency, we are a family of talent and strategy bounded by our shared love of art, design, and emotions.

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