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KFC Digital Campaign

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May 17, 2024

Discover how this brand made a difference.

Our latest "Learn the Game" episode explores how KFC's remarkable advertising campaign captured millions of hearts (and taste buds).

How do you leverage digital content to drive sales for a global franchise while empowering local creative teams? How do you coordinate hundreds, even thousands of small businesses that are struggling to quickly create unique customer experiences for their regions? & What did KFC do to transform their sales to now be 45% digital worldwide?!

Today’s consumers face a constant flow of information, but what they’re really looking for is the right flow of content, including real-time updates on purchases, new videos, images, and product descriptions, all personalized for them. 

KFC, a global franchise with nearly 30,000 restaurants in 149 countries, saw how diverse franchisees were struggling to quickly create enhanced digital experiences for their regions, while also staying true to KFC’s distinctive brand attributes.

Senior Director of Digital Experience & Product Growth for KFC Global, Ashley Travis, began a guiding principle known as “freedom within a framework” to inspire her digital teams to craft innovative marketing campaigns.

But outdated technology that relied on strict, market-specific websites limited their efforts, resulting in inconsistent, outdated content and a lackluster ordering experience for consumers.  So Travis adopted a Composable content strategy, a transformative approach that enhanced responsiveness, efficiency, and global campaign consistency.

Composable content is defined as ‘combining content and data from disparate sources so that it can be presented in a variety of formats and channels. Composable content empowers marketers to source and build new content with existing elements from across the company.’

This flexibility helps incorporate the most relevant assets for a particular page while combining data from multiple services to provide consumers with a unified experience.  

For instance, when KFC found out that 11 percent of Australians identify as left-handed, KFC created a whole campaign by featuring “left-handed” product offers every day for 11 days, released at 11 a.m., where the first 11,000 customers could claim an offer before it was gone.

The award-winning campaign boosted app downloads by 67 percent, with nearly 100,000 new installs during the campaign period and a 39 percent increase in daily app transactions.

The ability to create custom menus, regional promotions, and country-specific offerings enables KFC to offer customers what they want, with personalized offers and customized digital experiences. 

When companies want to shift to a composable content strategy, there are some key features that can make a content platform more flexible and user-friendly. 

  • Content Integrity: One of the biggest challenges with managing a multi-country brand is ensuring that assets and brand attributes are used properly, in compliance with international copyright and trademark law. Having an integrity feature ensures content accuracy and adherence to brand and governance standards. 


  • Intelligent Process Automation: Reducing repetitive tasks can directly improve efficiency and help teams get more done. Look for a platform that can automate routine tasks to boost productivity and innovation. 


  • Integration Capabilities: When companies refer to a “headless” CMS platform, they mean a tool that can easily integrate with different digital asset managers, ecommerce platforms, and internet infrastructure providers. Look for a system that can seamlessly integrate with the various environments and tools that a team is already using to provide a unified composable content experience and improve workflow efficiency.

There’s A LOT more to effective content strategy and marketing, to get more real word insights on how to improve and build your brand, go to Learn the Game at RDLB Agency


We help companies develop remarkable brands, create powerful campaigns, and understand their competitive advantage by tapping into the real purpose of their companies. Having a powerful purpose and brand will not just resonate with consumers, but with your people. Building a brand that brings together your team and customers as a family is what creates unstoppable companies!



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