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Genuine Purpose: A rocky road to self-discovery.

A rocky road to self-discovery.

But today, our values have changed; what people call entitlement this generation calls passion. Millennials and Gen Z don’t look towards a business as a clock-in clock out, checks in the mail, and I am gone at five as previous generations might have. They need to know that what they do is for good. Not to say previous generations didn’t value purpose or passion for their work, but they dealt with constant hardships: war, immigration, and financial collapses, to name a few, and they didn’t have the luxury that we have been afforded to dig into how their work impacted the world at large. Instead, they focused on survival, prosperity for their families, and giving us their fortunate sons and daughters a better way of life. So, what was that better life? They gave us the freedom to choose.

To work in jobs and careers that mean something to us, more significant than us, they gave their life so that we can pursue through our work goals that to them were impossible to achieve.

So why would you want to throw away that gift? Company values and missions feel too many people like a PR tool, a way to rebrand and change their appearance, but without any meaningful change occurring.

Our appreciation for a genuine purpose and company missions has diminished with the myriad of company slogans and PR campaigns. We can’t tell who’s authentic and who is hiding behind their brand. So how do we?

MOSS construction was created by the Moss family. By a family who understood the field, who respected their employees, because they had intimate relationships with many of them, it was built on the idea that together this construction family could build the exceptional. Build it, they did! SLS Lux, Brightline stations, Marlin Park, Inter Miami FC Stadium, University of Miami campuses, and much more. MOSS construction is changing South Florida like it’s never seen before, and it is all built off the backs of their workers. MOSS is unique because it is not a construction group that had a rebrand, and now upper management must comply; the core values meant something to the family. They live and breathe it, led by example, not delegation, honor each relationship they have, embody the entrepreneurial spirit by embracing opportunities, attempting to do the seemingly impossible, and making it a reality.

Most importantly, the top management is a core for contagious energy that disseminates through the company one relationship at a time. Going into the Moss offices or project sites is not a task for their employees; it’s a privilege, it’s a family. That genuine purpose of empowering to create the exceptional is as impermeable and solid as their project, a mission that will last the generations and critical to the DNA of MOSS.

Simon Sinek, author, and inspirational speaker formed an idea called the golden circle. It is a model for businesses to reach their customers better and sell directly to them in an effective he model breaks down into three sections that correlate to the cross-sections of our brain. The first is the neocortex, “the what”, the rational thought and break down of an idea. The second and third section is the limbic part of the brain. It is where you have feelings of trust and behavior; that is the “how” and the “why” of the model. “The how” is the details of a company, explaining how they are better than the competition or how their product/service is better.

However, suppose you understand and communicate your company from “the why.” You can tap into people’s personality, what they care about, what makes their gut decisions after you’ve explained all the values and functions of a product; understanding your company’s purpose is like finding your north star. In that case, it will guide you through perils and indecision; it will endow you with confidence and responsibility, as it will your employees, because knowing and understanding your purpose, your “why” it makes your mission infinite and essential to everyone in this world.

So, I invite you to examine yourself and your company’s purpose, ask yourself these questions and begin your journey on the rocky road of self-discovery, not just for your sake but for ours.

  1. Would the world be worse off if your business was never created?

  2. Does your business add value to the environment it lives in?

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